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Project Description
Write complex queries in a snap with the Q² Editor. Quickly write queries that perform joins for Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases.

Q² or QuickQuery Editor is an editor that helps prototyping queries on complex schema's by automating the writing of queries. No need to type complex queries with join conditions you need to look up, just double-click the relation to use, the columns to show,...

The features of the editor include:
- Support for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases
- Automatically discovers columns; double-click to add them in the query
- Automatically discovers table references and proposes them as joins
- Supports inner and outer joins
- Aliassing of tables and/or columns
- Grouping operators and easy grouping correction/removal
- Conditions on columns as well as a custom Where field
- Saving query sessions
- ...

Q² Editor is written to be easy, fast and intuitive to use. Almost all actions can be taken by clicking, doubleclicking (and pressing the Delete key to remove nodes from the query tree).

For a demo of the application, check the 5 minutes demonstration video !

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